Monday, May 19, 2008

Collin Turns 10, Roast Beef

Collin Turns 10

Collin turned 10 today. The big 1-0. We had a little party here with roast beef, new potatoes, carrots, brownies, and Graeter's ice cream, the best ice cream in the world (Oprah Winfrey called their Peach ice cream one of her "Good Things" a couple of years ago and sales went through the roof). The big shindig is this Saturday at the in-laws, where hopefully 8 kids and the family will come.

Collin trying to look fly on Thanksgiving

In a few months, I'll have a 15 year old. Kendall will be going to high school next year. Where do the years go, I ask. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we were talking about how we don't really feel any older than we did in high school - o.k., maybe we're a little achier or tired, but overall, when I look in the mirror and look at my kids I wonder when I got older and where the time went. I remember my Grandpa Howard telling me that he looked in the mirror one day (he was around 80 at the time) and he yelled out, "Who the hell is that old man?" So apparently the years keep speeding by no matter how hard we try to stop them.

Roast Beef

1 roast, whatever size you want
1 package onion soup mix
3 - 4 heaping tsp chopped garlic
1 package carrots
around 4 large potatoes, or a package of new potatoes
1 large onion

Speaking of Grandparents, my grandma was the person who truly taught me to cook. Her recipe for roast beef is easy, foolproof, and can be used for pork, too. And when you have eaten the roast, you can reserve the broth that was made, add in some more that you bought at the store to boil some thick egg noodles, and add the leftover beef, and you have beef and noodles!

In a large slow cooker, put around 1 cup of water, add the beef. Coat the beef with onion soup mix and the garlic. Add the carrots and the potatoes, cut up if they are large potatoes, whole if they are new potatoes. Cook on high for around 5 - 8 hours (just check on it periodically if you can to make sure that there is enough juice in the crock pot, add more water if there isn't). Enjoy!

See, super easy, always moist beef (or pork) that just falls apart. You don't even have to sear the meat (I spent years doing this, and one day just didn't, and the roast was just as juicy). And I have placed completely frozen roasts in the cooker and they have been delicious, too.

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