Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yarn that Makes Me Go "Oooohh", News from the Homefront

Yarn that Makes Me Go "Oooohh"

Was spending the evening reading Knitty's yarn reviews, when I saw a yarn that made me (out loud, even) say "OooooHH". If Artyarn's Beaded Rhapsody is as scrumptious to knit with as it is to look at (and the reviewers at Knitty gave it 4/5 stars, so it might just be) I have to get my hands on some! I've been wanting to incorporate beads into my knitting for some time, just haven't really gotten around to doing it, and this yarn gives one the perfect opportunity to do so. How does one get more luxurious than a fiber content of 100% Silk; 70% Kid Mohair/30% Silk with Glass Beads? Yummy!

Here's the rub, though. Luxury is expensive, is it not? At $34.00 for a 100gm/175 yard ball, I won't be knitting any sweaters with this yarn. And I'll even have to think twice about using one ball to knit up a scarf (at least until gas gets less expensive). Anyhow, one can dream, and tonight, I'll be dreaming about billowy clouds of kid mohair and silk.

News from the Homefront

Have you ever had one of those days where you go to bed marveling over the fact that you didn't pull all of your hair out? Perhaps one of those years? Thank God for the healing powers of knitting needles, because without them, I'd be spending all of my millions (or, more realistically, the two pennies I found under the couch the other day) on tranquilizers!

My husband was hit by a car riding a moped 6 weeks ago. Miraculously, he only sustained a broken leg, but what a break it is. His lower leg was shattered and had to be totally reconstructed, he had to get skin grafts, and he was initially in such agony that it was almost unbearable for me to see. I've seen a lot of grusome stuff in my pediatrics days, but when it is your own husband, well, let's just say that I'm glad a wall was there when I saw his leg because the room started spinning.

Tim and me all scrubbed up!

Tim came home yesterday. I missed him terribly. I love my husband. But after the hundreth joke about needing a bell so that he could ring for his servant (ie., me), I wanted to smother him with his pillow.

The baby was incredibly cranky yesterday. He had a wet, nasty cough and wanted me to hold him at all times (except when his daddy had him - yes, he missed his daddy). Running around for all things Tim and having a hysterical baby desperately clutching my pant leg were the two main ingredients in The Great Memorial Day Weekend Meltdown, which happened around 3:30 am, after I was finally able to get 30 minutes to myself in the bath tub.

The Rugrat

Well, the baby woke up with a rip roaring case of pink-eye, so I guess that explains the cranky. He got extra doses of mommy love (and eyedrops) today. And Tim is comfortably settled in and has remembered that we have a teenager and a ten year old that can cater to his every need, so today was actually a pretty nice day. Lounging on the bed with my long-lost hubby and by beautiful baby watching TV is alright.

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