Sunday, May 18, 2008

Unraveling, May Flowers


Was plugging away at my wrap yesterday, got through another repeat of the center panel when I noticed (horror of horrors!) a gaping hole to the left of one of the cables in my center panel. I found the culprit, a dropped stitch rows down - ACK! Had to unravel back to the stitch as it was part of the cable with many complicated crossovers. I'm not a particularly fast knitter (I've tried some of the Domiknitrix's speed knitting techniques to no avail) so this setback will cost me some premium wrap wearing time.

Spent some time yesterday reading WeaverKnits blog, which is really good, a fun read.

May Flowers

Things are starting to bloom here in Central Ohio! Finally some color is popping out!

My Clematis x jackmanii is in full bloom (unusually early for this particular vine, but who's complaining). I planted it 2 years ago from a root cutting, and it already is showing what a vigorous grower it can be.


Saint Francis is looking right at home amongst the Wigelia and hostas.


The Johnson's Blue Geranium should be in full flower in a week or two. Here are some of the early blooms. Such a pretty plant in the rose bed and still my favorite perennial geranium. I'm planning on transplanting starts all over the garden to add to the abundance of geraniums already present.


Here are two of my favorite hostas. They came from a bag of mixed root cuttings, so they are mystery varieties, but they are so so pretty. I love the varigation of this one - the way the greens run into eachother so haphazardly.


This one is a favorite because of the subtle white stripe that runs between the lighter green on the inside of the leave and the darker green on the outside.


The roses are filling out, the lilies are growing taller, the lavender and catmint are setting their buds. How I love the spring!

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