Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Beautiful Grandparents/The Reason I learned to Knit

My Beautiful Grandparents

My grandparents died three years ago and I still can't believe that they are gone. They were such a huge part of my life, really like second parents. My grandmother taught me how to run a home, how to cook; I can't say she taught me how to clean, though, she didn't do much of that (have to thank mom for that one). My grandpa was my buddy. We fished together, talked and talked, he was a great cook, too. He'd give you the shirt off of his back, even if he was a bit of a curmudgeon. I love this picture of them.


When I look at it, I can hear my grandmother laughing and my grandfather's voice. I can smell his tobacco. I can feel her hands. I miss them.

O.K. I'm getting all choked up, so I'll tell you about

The Reason I learned to Knit

I was getting caught up on one of my favorite blogs, Hot Toast and Jam when I was reminded of why I learned to knit:


Yes, it was the Doctor's scarf. I grew up on Doctor Who, specifically Tom Baker. And I wanted one of those scarfs SO much. The first pattern that I looked up when I figured out how to knit was this scarf. But don't ask me to show my amazing Dr. Who scarf to you - I still haven't made one. I haven't been able to collect the correct colors - all in 100% wool because, come on, this scarf deserves 100% wool - all at one time. And do you have any idea how expensive all of those skeins of yarn would be? I think I'm going to have to start searching for sweaters to unravel with this project in mind. Cuz' I'm still yearning for that scarf.

If you, too, are now having nostalgic Dr. Who warm fuzzies and want to know everything there ever was to know about the Most Amazing Scarf Ever, the Doctor Who Scarf is a site that will fulfill your every desire. Scarf history, the author wearing THE scarf, it is all here. And, of course, there are instructions. I want to make the Season 16 scarf. So now I will end this post, which further clarifies that I am a geek. (I love you, Tom Baker!)


Michael said...

Ahhh, Tom Baker's Doctor was indeed THE best Doctor--totally English and eccentric and not too young! I loved his scarves--thus I wore ones like that but never thought to knit one. I still love my scarves in fact.

Well, i do hope you are signed up for the Xmas Tea and come. you can tell us all about your incredible knitting!

Thx for your kind comments btw. Perhaps some of these peeps will want to come to Aspen for the blog tea too? Free advertising on the RSVP after all! :)

Emily said...

I love the photo of your grandparents! They look so happy, beaming from that old black and white..

Kitty said...

When I first started dating My Mister, he asked for a Doctor Who scarf! I guess it was a pretty influential accessory!

Your grandparents sound like they were amazing. There is so much going on in that photo- it looks like there is a story behind it!

Erin Wallace said...

I think the photo was taken shortly before grandpa left for the war. He was stationed in Borneo (or some amazing tropical island) typing for the war. He really wanted to be on a submarine, but when you can type 80 words per minute, the Navy takes notice.

Grandma and grandpa knew each other since they 5 and 7 respectively. He used to walk with her to school. They were really happy and in love in that picture.

Roxanne said...

What a beautiful post. Your grandparents look utterly happy and I'm sure the remained that way til their very last day. Sending hugs you way!

Katie said...

I miss my grandparents too, well the ones that are gone. It was my Grammy (Great=grandmother) who I miss most and was the knitter/crocheter of the family. I remember watching her knit wondering how on earth she did it! :)

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