Sunday, May 2, 2010

Contemplation and Cleaning

Okay - First of all, THANK YOU for all the well wishes - so many of them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Yes, that's what this week was supposed to be about - Contemplation and Cleaning. Supposed to be. Let me sum it up for you.

* I referred to my husband having a severe knee issue. Well, Monday at his orthopedics appointment we found out that it's much more severe than either of us realized. He has a bone cyst and severe arthritis in his knee. The knee of the same leg that 2 years earlier was shattered when he was hit on a moped by a huge truck that failed to yield to my husband at a green light. The long and short of it is that he needs a knee replacement. And it's not an easy, everyday knee replacement. So that's where that is.


Yes, it's an arm. But it's the best bone cyst x-ray I could find.

Tim is in tremendous pain. He has been in bed for weeks. His quality of life sucks. No one wants to see someone that they love like this. And I have kind of been a single parent for a while. I don't know how it's done. Much props to single parents.

* I have 3 clotheslines now. Not because I had this great "Save the environment" moment, but because our dryer died. It rained most of the week, so no veg garden now. I did tidy up a lot, but not a lot of cleaning.


Midweek, there was one word for how i was feeling: Overwhelmed.


THANK GOD for Women of Faith. I truly needed this conference. There's something special about women talking about women stuff. About hearing that you have a God that loves you. About worshiping with Steven Curtis Chapman, Mandisa, and Sandy Patty.


Who would have thought that I had so much on common with Lisa Welchel. I'll talk about this more in another post. I'm still processing it and praying about it and trying to figure out what it all means. But her testimony spoke to me. Right to me!

So, I've found a bit of peace. I've got a lot to think about that could help to spark my faith. And I have a clothesline. Make that three.

For a while, I may not be able to do daily posts. We have doctors appointments upon doctors appointments. But I have so much to talk about! I missed my creative outlet and all of my bloggy friends and am happy to be posting again!


Photos from Beauty in Everything and We Heart It


Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

Hey, Erin. Welcome back. The way your described your week is usually about how it goes for me when I set out to have an extra productive week at home. Don't feel bad. The man over here has arthritis in his knees as well & will eventually need replacements. He's functional, but only with lot lots of meds.

While I'm not a spiritual person, I'm glad to hear the conference brought you solace in a cruddy week.

And... clotheslines are good. :)

Joy said...

Sending heartfelt wishes that everything goes smoother for you both than expected. Good luck with all you are going through!

Lois Evensen said...

Good evening, Erin,

Yes, it is so hard to see someone you love suffering. It just doesn't seem right when you can't make it "all better." I surely hope your husband will be better soon with upcoming treatment.

I agree that faith is great support and sharing it, talking about it, and living it with others is so helpful to all. Just knowing we are "normal" for feeling what we are feeling is so important. And, knowing that we can get through with the strength of faith and friends at our sides gives us the strength to keep going.

Hugs, dear lady,

Roxanne said...

I really hope your husband is feeling better soon. You're both in my thoughts!

Don't forget to take a little moment for yourself. xo.

beth said...

oh, your poor hubby.....i hope the knee replacement turns out to be a wonderful thing....after all the healing, i'm sure he'll be dancing like a fool !

and the pictures told a beautiful story.....

holly said...

Yikes! That's a lot to deal with at once. I enjoy reading your blog and will be praying for your family.

Katherine said...

Hello! It is good to hear from you again, even though not all your news is good.

I hope everything improves quickly!

On another note... Steven Curtis Chapman is my FAVE muso EVER and you are so blessed to have him leading the worship at the conference! I would LOVE to see him live!

stringsofpurls said...

Praying for you and Tim and the kiddos. Some things are just hard, but know that you have people holding up as you walk through these waters...

Anonymous said...

beautiful images here.

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