Saturday, May 15, 2010

They Make Me Happy

I am one that needs to put life into perspective. When all seems bleak, I take a look at the world around me and looke for the things that make me happy, that take my breath away. Those perfect moments that you can't replicate. These things don't cost anything, they are just there. My list is getting pretty long, so I'll have to do this for a few weeks. Here's the first 10.

1. Laying in the grass, looking at the clouds

2. Lilacs


3. Worn in jeans

4. Goofy children


5. Chocolate

6. That spritz of your favorite perfume


7. Spongebob Squarepants

8. Cat licks from sandpaper tongues and


9. Big sloppy dog kisses.

10. The final scene of "An American in Paris."


What are the things that make your life happy? Won't you play, too?

All photos from We Heart It


lori said...

Yours inspired me to follow suit! Here are 10 things that make me happy, too.

Roxanne said...

The scene from An American in Paris and kitty kisses are spot on! Knowing that we have what need also makes me super happy :)

beth said...

worn in jeans....YES YES YES....that's what i leave in !

elycia said...

hi erin! thanks for stopping by my blog :) i looove lilacs. my dad always used to take me to the lilac gardens on my birthday.
and of course i love cat kisses. one of my cats gives kisses on command...sometimes.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Nice happiness Erin!!!
Thanks for the camera advice sweetie, I really appreciate xoxo

Unknown said...

Can't say 'sponge bob squarepants' does it for me, but hey whatever floats your boat! here he is called 'bob l'eponge'/bob the sponge!, and I saw a huge huge softie of him just the other week, in a village brocante, and wondered who would buy it! perhaps now I know...haha thanks for your visit 'chez moi' and your jolly comment; a bientot, Linda x

julochka said...

you had me 'til sponge bob...tho' i did see some pretty cute lego magnet versions of him today at legoland. :-)

it's great to be reminded to appreciate the small things that make us happy, so thanks for the reminder. :-)

Stacy said...

What an uplifting post. Chocolate and kitty kisses make me happy, too, as well as long walks and the sound of birds. A little shopping doesn't hurt, either.

Anonymous said...

oh those things are indeed really, really happy-fying! goofy kids are the cutest, hands down! hehe.

i made a list somewhat like that before too, but more on a few of my favorite things:

have a beautiful day, hun! x

Linda said...

Th smell of coffee, homemade biscuits and inspiring blogs make my day. :)

Manda said...

Cute pictures... I adore the goofy girl shot. So much fun!
Sending love and big hugs in the "bleak" of life.

Cassandra Frear said...

Okay, quick now, I won't overthink it:

1. Rich gourmet coffee
2. Flowers
3. Birds
4. Time with God
5. A Good Book
6. A movie with my husband
7. A beautiful walk
8. A luxurious bubble bath
9. An unexpected gift
10. Traveling

Hey, this could be a post! By the way, any of this could be transformed into a writer date like the ones being discussed today at HCB. If I post on it, I will link it back to you!

Maiden Jane said...

Lilacs - nothing could be more lovely. Wonderful list.

I laughed about the jelly bracelets you commented about! What goes around comes around....My son loves wearing these t-shirt bracelets and even sneaks wearing it in school. (what a rebel.) I got him the neatest baseball bracelet on Etsy that is made from a real baseball and the red stitching. It's very cool.

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