Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Some Random Stuff

Well, kids, I'm having a bit of writer's block today, so I'll catch you up on a few bits.

* Am delighted to have been added to the blog list on High Calling Blogs. Their mission is to encourage faith in both daily life and work life. Their blog is fantastic and features amazing articles. Check it out!

* The whole Tribe went to the dentist today. It was Will's first trip and he was not at all impressed, though I do have to day that he was good and let the dentist examine his teeth. He also serenaded the hygienist with a song about a dog who was going bye.

* Took Kendall to the pet store for supplies for her new hedgehog. Yep, we have a hedgehog in the house. It's a skittish thing, and makes a funny, mechanical purring noise when it's upset. And it bit me when I tried to get it out of Kendall's pant leg. But it's really cute.


* Collin got lots of money for his birthday and treated us all to pizza tonight - I didn't have to cook! I made some awesome shish kabobs and roasted potatoes for his birthday and I was going to serve those left overs, but I guess that's for dinner tomorrow night.

* Wanted to get lots of gardening done this weekend, but had a killer migraine yesterday. Spent the entire day in a haze of Imitrex and caffeine.

* Must get lots of laundry done this week. We are still using clothes lines and this week is supposed to be sunny and in the 80's. Have a mountain of laundry from all of the rain we've been having.


* Hmmm - besides the hedge hog, things have been pretty quiet and boring around here. Hope to get my creative mojo back so I can regale you with fabulous writing tomorrow!


lori said...

thank heavens (and GSK) for imitrex! even though i do know what you mean about the imitrex haze, it's so much better than losing days to that incredible pain. it sounds like life is just busy, which sometimes doesn't leave space for extra words. lucky hygienist, getting serenaded like that. i'll bet it was the highlight of her day!

Stacy said...

That hedgehog is cute!I have never seen one in real life before, only in pictures. I don't think we have them around here.

Lois Evensen said...

That was a lovely update of the wonderful things that happen in real life. :) I get a kick out of a hedgehog for a pet.


Duchess said...

The hedgehog is so cute! I'm sure not when it bit you but it's pretty adorable :0) Good luck with it!

Linda said...

That hedgehog is cute, don't they walk funny though!? It rains a lot here so most of the time my laundry is draped around the place! said...

WElcome to the High Calling Blogs. You'll find a great community of friends here...

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