Friday, May 21, 2010


I will never get the house clean enough.
I will never be thin enough.
I don't spend enough time with my children.
I don't show my husband that I love him enough.
I don't cook enough nutritious meals.
I don't do enough for my church.
I don't bake enough.
I don't do enough to support my children's schools.
I don't dust the house enough.
I'm not sexy enough.
I'm not smart enough.
I'm not good enough at my job.


Do you see yourself in these words? I find it interesting that even though we have crazy, non-stop lifestyles, jobs, either in or out of the house, and that the expectations of who we are supposed to be are so high, that we still have this "I have to be June/Ward Cleaver or I will not be good enough for anyone" attitude.


As if to add insult to injury, if you are a Christian, you know that really, as far as God as concerned, we really can never be enough if we compare ourselves to Him. How does one measure up to an omniscient God? How does one follow all of the rules, do everything to the perfection He requires, and make it all good in His sight?


The beauty of our relationship with Christ is that even though, in a heavenly sense, we will never be enough, it doesn't matter. Through Christ's sacrifice, we were granted mercy and grace. It's incredible, really. We were made in the image of the perfect God, and yet we can relax in our dash toward perfection. We can be Mary in a Martha world. Relax in Christ. Stop fussing. Take a breath and stop the march toward being enough.


So the next time you find yourself in a tizzy (as I'm sure I will be tomorrow preparing for my 12-year-old's birthday party) remember that the quest toward enough is really a fool hearty goal. We are, have been, and will always be enough for God because we are His children. Relax in Christ, and let him be your enough.


Cassandra Frear said...

Amen and amen.

Anonymous said...

why does it feel or seem like i never dust enough? ha ha

well anyhow...

erin have a fabulous weekend. thanks so much for following my blog i look foward in hearing from you again and again.

^-^ God bless

the world of hugzzz said...

The only not enough I ever say is you never have enough yarn!
Hugzzz 8-)

Linda said...

I hope the party goes well and I am sure that whatever happens, as long as there is fun and love, that will be perfect!

stringsofpurls said...

The beauty of the gospel is that we get to trade our "not enoughs" for his righteousness. We exchange our ashes for his beauty. Happy Weekend!

barbaridade said...

It ain't no mountain high enough.....

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Erin,

Enjoy that birthday party. Next year she will be a teenager and all kinds of things change. That doesn't mean it gets worse, it just changes. Enjoy "preteen" while she has it. :)))


Kendra Goodrich said...

Thanks for sharing. I am forever having feelings of complete failure and inadequacy and it can be so hard to remember that perfection is not going to happen in this lifetime.

Good luck on the party!

Chasity said...

you are so right -- this is so easy to lose sight of ... thanks for the reminder!

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