Friday, May 28, 2010

A Lesson in Anger

I did not have a good day the last two days. Not the type of days that you want to be sharing your soul on the internet. My husband and I were fighting constantly. Screaming, bitter, angry fights with tears on my end and lots of door slamming on his. And I have to say that it started over a little thing and blew up into something else entirely. Not fun at all.


I let the sun go down twice on my anger. In Ephesians it says never to do that. And boy oh boy, did the devil gain his foothold. You should have heard the thoughts going through my head and the curses hurled at my husband (on second thought, it's better that you didn't). We've never had a period where we fought for days; we've always made it a point to put it to bed before we go to bed. But I wasn't willing to let this one go before HE GOT MY POINT!


There's a reason why the word of God is there for us to refer to. The advice in it is spot on. Not only did I dream of fighting with Tim, but I woke up angry and shaky. Which made everything he said to me just hit that raw nerve Just So. Let the screaming begin again.

Hopefully we (I) will have learned from this. I don't ever want to repeat the feelings and anger of the last few days. I think that a lot of what came up was stuff that had been stewing for a while, but still, Never go to bed on angry thoughts. God knew what he was talking about. And bless Paul for writing it all down.


My lovely husband has returned with a dryer! It needs some work - but it will dry clothes! Yay! So the anger saga has ended, and on with life.

Photos from Beauty In Everything and We Heart It


Lois Evensen said...

Working through the anger is what it is all about. I'm glad the anger has subsided and that calm reigns once again.


Laura said...

What an awesome post. I definitely needed to hear that today. My husband and I had a similar fight last night and went to bed angry. Thank you for your reminders.

Laura @ along for the ride

Sharon said...

The photos you choose illustrate the situation perfectly. Most of us have had a similar experience because we're human.

It is so painful when we are fighting with the one person who means the most to us. The feeling of blackness and despair can feel so overwhelming.

So we finally let go and move onward. Surely it's time for blue skies and sunshine next for you two. Enjoy every minute of it--and show us pictures. :)

beth said...

i'm giving you a big warm hug....and then we're going to sit on the porch and just watch the flowers for a bit...okay ?

well, maybe we'll have lemonade, too :)

i'm glad things are okay now...fighting with a loved one, for more than a hour, is so hard......

Roxanne said...

I'm constantly amazed by your honest Erin, it's so refreshing. I'm sorry you two fought, Josh and I do that sometimes and I always feel so badly. But you know that moment when you realize that your fight was super stupid and that everything is right, that moment is such a reaffrimation to why you are married and in love in the first place. I hope you two have an amazing weekend!

Cassandra Frear said...

God uses things like this to teach us.

I've learned some hard lessons in conflict. You have my empathy.

And you have His. He is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

I hope you'll read my post today about Barbie. For some reason, I thought about you after I posted it.

Stephanie M. Page said...

Hi Erin, fights are the worst. I hope you have a relaxing weekend...stopping by from FF!

R Montalban said...

The first picture of the man walking in the rain is just stunning. Glad you have made things up with your husband too.

Unknown said...

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Happy Friday!!

Rockin Momma said...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful. What a relief. Glad the storm has weathered. Enjoy your weekend.

^-^ oxox

Caffeine Girl said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I think anyone who's honest will admit they have gone through the same thing -- and more than once!

In my first marriage, this was not uncommon. It gets easier with age, though, and this time around such incidents are uncommon.

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