Friday, September 9, 2011

I Want To Rule my Own Tribe! More Triberr Basics.


When you first join Triberr you will see that you are a tribe member of the tribe you were invited to and you also are given 3 tribes that you can rule. I would recommend being a member of a few tribes before attempting to start up a tribe of your own just so that you get a complete understanding of what Triberr is about and what it can really do. Once the time comes that you have rule your own tribe, there are several things you have to do to get that tribe off and running.

First, you must select one of the tribes you were given to rule and edit the information about the tribe. Your tribe will already be named, but you can change that name to reflect what your tribe is about. Let's say you want to start a tribe focusing on craft bloggers. One of your tribes was already named “Phantom Bloggers of the Fifth Realm” which is geeky cool and all, but has nothing to do with crafting. Hit edit, and you can rename the tribe “Crafty Bloggers” (or something much cooler than that).


Next you will see sections to fill out regarding the purpose of your tribe “to get lots of craft bloggers together so that we can reach millions of Tweeps”, etc. You can also talk a bit about any specifics that you are looking for “would love paper crafters and scrapbookers especially.” There is also a section for tribal requirements “75% of all posts must be devoted to crafts, no foul language, family content only, all ages, genders, walks of life encouraged to join in. Let's have fun!” This section must be filled out before you can start looking for members.

Now comes the difficult part. The first five members that you add to your tribe must be completely new to Triberr (and you are not included in this count). Tweet, put messages on forum boards on social networking sites that you belong to, hit up every contact site that you belong to in order to find these people. Give them some info on what Triberr is (you can direct them to my post “What is Triberr and why should I join?” and have them read the faq at Request their web page address (as you will want to check out their site and make sure that they fit your tribal vision) and their twitter name.


Once you have found a person that you are interested in, email them or contact them through twitter and make sure that they follow you and you follow them. They cannot join your tribe if not. Then go to the page for that tribe and click “Invite”, choose the tribe you want to invite them to, and add their Twitter id. At this point, hold your breath and hope they join. When they do, make sure to welcome them with open arms. They likely will have lots of questions about how Triberr works; for some quick answers you can refer them to my post “I'm on Triberr! Now what?!”

It can take some time before you find those first five members. Hopefully you will attract a few people who are already members of Triberr who want to join your tribe; enlist them to help you find a few newbies. Once you have those first five you can open your tribe to inbreeding and watch the requests flood your inbox! Once again, use all of your social networking sites; you can also go to the “Seeking Tribe Members” Bonfire to enlist new members. Be vigilant in sticking to your requirements so that your tribe is exactly as you picture it. This is your tribe, as Dino says, "Rule it wisely!"



Pam @ The Journey Leads Home said...

This post explained Triberr better than anything on the actual Triberr site that i've been exploring since I joined earlier today. I look forward to joining your tribe and getting to know you.


MariaS said...

Great article! And super WOW on the artwork!!!!

Parent and Child Reading Assistance said...

You're doing a great job explaining Triberr. I want to rule my own teach children to read tribe soon.
I like the advice about spending some time in a tribe first. I'm hoping to find an invite soon. I'm a member of a ning called We Teach. I think I'll start there. My twitter name is pacrapacma. It stands for parent and child reading assistance parent and child math assistance.
I'm going to follow you on twitter and bookmark your Triberr posts. Thanks for sharing this information!

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