Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is Triberr and why Should I Join?

You've heard about it, you've seen the tweets. You might even be in a tribe but you have no idea what you are supposed to do now. I'd like to introduce you to the world of Triberr, the reach multiplier.

There are discussions all the time about how to drive more traffic to blog sites. Triberr is a tool that does just that. Triberr is made up of individual tribes, the members of which typically have similar blogs or simply are joining together to reach new people. It works this way: each member of a tribe sends out automatically generated tweets with the names of the other members blog posts. Let's assume that you have 10 Twitter followers and you have 10 tribe members, each of whom have 10 members. This means that info about your latest blog post will be sent out to 100 people.

You can approve or disapprove which tweets you send out from your homepage so if you don't think your twitter followers will appreciate tweet X from tribe mate Y, you don't have to send it.

I currently have around 1150 Twitter followers. Through my participation in Triberr, my reach is currently close to 120,000 Twitter users. Traffic to my blog has increased three fold, although the number of comments I get has not.

If Triberr sound like something you would be interested in, I am starting a tribe of parent Bloggers who publish original content. You may have the occasional review or giveaway on your blog, but reviews, deals, and giveaways cannot be the primary focus of your blog (there are a lot of tribes on Triberr for deal bloggers).
If you are interested and are new to Triberr, either leave a post with your twitter name and blog address or tweet me @erinswallace. Any other questions? Ask me!

Tomorrow's post will be about the ins and outs of Triberr: bones, karma, etc. See you then.
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Dino Dogan said...

well..heres a comment for ya :-)

Comments are tricky ..there are lots of variables once people come to your blog. I for one hate leaving comments on Blogger blogs..they are awkward and light years behind wordpress.

Theres emotional triggers that play into it, sense of community, etc.'ll be happy to know that now that traffic thing is solved we're actually working on ways to help bloggers generate real live comments on their blogs as well...stay tuned for that coming soon to a tribe near you :-)

Cinner said...

Sounds interesting, I am still not on Twitter and I had never heard of Triberr. Maybe one day. take care. happy September.

Tony Karrer said...

Sounds interesting.

Can you invite me: @tonykarrer?

Charma @ Surprised Mama said...

Hey there! I actually just joined Triberr this morning and your blog post was retweeted by one of the people in my tribe. I would love to get an invite to your tribe. I'm still trying to get the hang of Triberr. Looking forward to reading your follow up posts about it.


Michael Ann said...

Very informative, thank you. Still "on the fence" about it!

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