Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have been in a funk, which I suppose is understandable. So today I have decided to focus on joy. For it is joy beyond all understanding that awaits us.
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Jamie said...

Just looking at this great shots made me feel better - hope they did you as well

Rebecca Watson said...

those are cute pics- especially the one of the sweet puppy!! :)

melody-mae said...

loved this post and it is JUST what I needed today! I have been in a funk too and this is just what I needed to see today. thank you

Kelli said...

I love these pictures.

Katiebee said...

all so very sweet and they did bring joy to see them~ thanks!



Lois Evensen said...

Life is good. All we have to do is open ourselves up to see it. :) I hope you're feeling better. Love the pics.

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