Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Photo that Makes you Smile: 30 Days About Me

This photo was part of an assignment where an egg was used as the subject of the photo. I took a lot of photos of that egg, many of which were probably more "artistic" than this, but I love this one. I love the way William is holding the egg, the gentle way his hands are caressing it. Of course, he's my sugar bunch so I love everything about him, but I just love his little hands. He was thrilled to be part of the shoot and I still can see his smile as he holds the egg and the photo is taken. I love my little boy and I love this photo.

Yesterday I did a video for my post but I can't get it uploaded on my phone. So stay tuned, folks, and I'll post my clog post as soon as I can.
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Zabrinah said...

This is a very cute post. The picture is great, but even better is the reason WHY it's so great to you!


Lana said...

Hands are a wonderful subject to include in any picture! LOVE it!

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