Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something I Hate: 30 Days About Me

When I was young I was ridiculously picky. There was very little that I would eat. Nowadays I'll try just about anything, but there are a few food items that I simply despise.

Pimentos. Don't even get me started. They completely ruin the flavor of anything they are added to. I am so disappointed when I order something at a restaurant and they've jazzed it up with pimentos. Makes the dish entirely inedible.

Melon, any type. I've never liked it. I've really tried. People eating it seem to enjoy it so much. I really, really don't.

Cilantro. I actually read something about this in the Wall Street Journal. Cilantro hatred may actually be a genetic trait, and the theory goes that those that hate is cannot actually smell the pleasant citrus odors that those who like it detect. All I really know is that it is vile.

Root Beer. What I really hate is when I order my daughter root beer (because she loves it) and I order my diet soda and they don't mark the lids and I take a long draw of wretched root beer. I can't stand it! I know this is another one of those everyone-loves-it-so-why-don't-you things, but I just hate the stuff.

So there you go. If you really want to keep me away, make a melon pimento cilantro salad with root beer on the side (although, that might just keep Anyone away!).
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Crafts for Kids - Piggy Giggles said...

I don't like any of those things either :) Although I can eat a root beer float if there's not too much root beer!
I found your site on the Alexa Blog Hop. Stop by sometime.

Beate said...

Not fond of root beer either. I looove most melons- and pimentos I have to google and translate :O . Not all the english words are known to me...

Beate said...

Uuuuh- chili. I like some- not to hot though

Myrna R. said...

I'm with you on the root beer, but the rest I think is yummy. Wonder what makes us like some things, not others.

Take care Erin.

ropcorn said...

Yeah, I don't like root beer either! Although we don't really drink it here in Sweden but I tried it when I visited the US. And it didn't taste at all like I had imagined. Too sweet for me. But it was fun to finally try it though. :p

janis said...

Girl~ what is wrong with you?
jk~ although, I love a lot that you despise!

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