Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saint Francis by Robert West

Quite a while back, Thomas Moore publishers sent me a copy of the biography" St. Francis" by Robert West (part of the Christian Encounters series). I have never been much of a biography reader but thought that I would give this one a try because of my deep love for St. Francis of Assisi. I enjoyed the style of this book; it was written more as a book of fiction, easy to read, in a conversational tone.

The book takes us from the saints early years as an out of control child of privilege to his conversion and ultimate leadership of the Franciscan order of monks. It goes into detail about the orders early years, when just a few of St. Francis's friends joined him and pledged to give away all of their earthly possessions (so that these possessions would not take away from their worship of God) and the pope's early disapproval of St. Francis's radical views. As we know, time went by and more and more people witnessed the divine peace that the monks of the order modeled, causing scores of new entrants into the order. Today, the Franciscans continue their belief of relying on God for all provision, charity, and worship.

St. Francis was a man who demonstrated a powerful love for God and devotion to his practice of faith. Through him we learned to trust that the Lord would supply all of our needs. This book gives great insight into the man and his mission. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
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