Thursday, August 4, 2011

Monster Mommy

As I type this, Kendall is in surgery. A year ago, I think to the date (because BlogHer had just started), she had a bunion removed from her right foot. A month ago she announced to me that she wanted to have the left foot done. The podiatrist was seen, surgery was scheduled, all was good.


Then we showed up this morning. And she started crying. And saying that she wanted to go home. And saying that the I.V. hurt so bad. And crying. And I stayed steely calm (but compassionate, of course) and told her that we were here, she wanted it done, we needed to stay and get her foot fixed.

As they wheeled her away, red and crying, I felt like Mommy Monster. It is SO difficult to watch them wheel your child back to surgery, even if she is 18 and an "adult". I know she'll be fine and in the long run she'll be happy that she had it done, but right now I feel like an ogre. RRawwwrrrr.


Mrs.B said...


so sorry, I hate being the monster mommy but know it is for their own good

In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can feel your pain here. This is one of the hardest parts of parenting - watching them endure pain that you can't (shouldn't in some cases) endure for them.

I wish you luck today!

amazey said...

I hope her surgery goes well!

BigD said...

Why do the moms always have to be the strong ones???
I'm going to have to get my bunions done one of these days, so I'm feeling for her.

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