Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm on Triberr! So Now What??


So you are a new member of Triberr. And you find yourself scratching your head wondering what to do next. What the heck is karma? And this inbreeding, what"s up with that? This article will hopefully clear up any questions that you have and make you a full fledged Triberr chief!

Tribes – a tribe is a group of like minded bloggers who join together to expand their Twitter reach. The hope is that if you extend your reach, more and more people will read our blog and your traffic will go through the roof. There are a few aspects of being a good tribe member that you should know. First an foremost, the larger the tribe, the greater your reach. Each tribe starts with 7 openings. Additional openings must be bought at a price of 30 bones. If a tribe member has extra bones burning a hole in their pocket, it is nice to contribute to the tribe by buying new slots. This takes the burden of adding all of the slots off of the tribe leader and increases the size of the tribe more quickly. In addition, keep comments nice on your tribe's page. You don't want your other tribe members to dislike you: remember, they don't have to send out your tweets!


Bones – this is the currency on Triberr. You are awarded a certain number of bones when you sign up to spend as you wish; once they are gone, they either must be bought (at pretty reasonable prices) or earned by giving your tribe members positive karma. You can rack up bones rather quickly by checking in a few times a day and giving good karma.

Here are the prices for those that I have come across:

30 bones – cost to add a slot to a tribe

50 bones – cost to become a member of a tribe you are being inbred into

70 bones – cost to open a tribe you rule to inbreeding

Karma – on your home page you will see a list of posts that are scheduled to be sent out by your tribe members. Beside each of these posts is an area with a thumbs up and thumbs down sign. By clicking on the thumbs up sign, you are giving that post positive karma. Each time you give positive karma you have the potential to earn additional bones. Make it a point to give your tribe mates positive karma. It will make them feel good and you get a reward, too. Remember, what goes around comes around!


Inbreeding – once you are a member of a tribe you can receive invitations from other tribal chieftains to join their tribes. This is called inbreeding. If you want to find other tribes to join, click on “Bonfires” and then find the section about tribes seeking additional members. Be sure you are a good fit for that tribe before requesting a place in it as you will need to pay 50 bones to join if you are given an invitation. It sucks if you pay those hard earned bones only to have to leave a tribe because you aren't what they are looking for. Also, the ruler of the tribe can kick you out any time without warning or reason. It's happened to me, and it smarts.

Bonfires – this is the forum section of Triberr. Any question you have can usually be answered here. Read the discussions, interact, become a member of the community.

Triberr is a great community to belong to. Not only will you reach more Tweeps, but you will gain new contacts, come up with blogging ideas, and become a more active member of the blogging community. Enjoy your Triberr journey!

In a few days I will post on how to start up a tribe of your own. Stay posted!

I am looking for Parent Bloggers who write original content who are new to Triberr. While the occasional giveaway or review is okay, your site may not be primarily a review/deal/giveaway site. If you are interested in joining Triberr and fit this description, please leave me a comment. I'll be a good ruler, I promise!


Bob ButterBottom said...

This is very helpful Erin, I hope our new tribe gets up and at em soon. cheers
although I still get confused on inbreeding and whether you have to pay or not pay to join a new tribe, etc...but it won't stop me from hitching on to this one if / when you get the last newbie signed up.

Andrea said...

Great post! I like how you give the ins and outs of it all. Thanks for sharing the deets. :)

Jennifer Probst said...

Wow, thanks so much for the information! Umm, I guess these "bones" don't cost actual money - do they??? I was just asked to join a mommy tribe but am very interested in yours too! This is going to be an interesting journey - every time I blink there is something new I need to learn!

The Angry Scot said...

Sounds like a awsome thing, and after speaking to Bob Butterbottom about it, i would love to be apart of this :)

Unknown said...

Great info! I'm still kind of struggling with Triberr so this was really helpful!

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