Saturday, June 19, 2010

Confession #158: I am a pink lovin' girlie girl


I don't think I come across as a girlie girl. And my love of pink isn't evident, either. There is an amazing amount of evidence, however, that I am a total girl:

::I love bunnies
::I used to collect piggie banks from the 30's and 40's. They are freakin' adorable.
::I secretly long for Tiffany charm bracelets and the Cartier Love Bracelet
::Virtually every pot of nail polish that I have is pink


::They may have been built that way, but my kitchen is pink and so is my main bathroom (my toilet is pink!!! They did stuff like that in 1968!)
::My first iMac was pink
::When I was a child, I thought Glinda the Good Witch was the most beautiful woman in the world
::Pink paisley is the pattern of the gods


::For most of my childhood, I lived in a pink tutu my mom found for me at a second hand store
::My favorite Barbie as a child was "Happy Birthday Barbie" (yes, I was a Barbie girl). She had curly hair and a pink polka dot dress.


::My husband thinks the bedroom walls are off-white. They are actually the palest petal pink.
::You may already know this, but I Love cats. But then again, so did Ernest Hemingway.
::My camera, cell phone, and toothbrush are pink.


::Jem is one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time (and I loved Rio like he was a real human being. My sister thought I was a little pathetic.)
::I'd rather wear a dress than most anything. A long, boho, maxi dress, but a dress nonetheless.
::I have a slight obsession with Paris, which I believe is quite a romantic and feminine city.


::As a side note to all things pink, I have always thought that Andy should have ended up with Duckie in "Pretty in Pink," even though Blane was so darn cute.
::Oh, and who didn't want to have a kiss like Sam in "Sixteen Candles?"
::(I wanted to be Molly Ringwald - I still think she's awesome.)


So there you go. I am a girlie girl. I think I need more pink in my wardrobe. And definitely a Tiffany charm bracelet.


All photos We Heart It

I'd like to thank JDaniel4's Mom for selecting They Make Me Happy (6/12/10) as one of her Beautiful Posts of the week.


R Montalban said...

How beautiful...

I don't think I have a favourite colour because there are so many wonderful ones out there, but one thing is for sure, I just love beautiful things and this blog is one of them.

This weekend I have seen the most amazing colours of blue at the beach, and then walking along the street as for some reason everyone was dressed up for one reason or another!

Today (well last night but it will be posted shortly) I have done a blog entry as blue ironically as it is Father's Day here and thought this would be nice for Anders, my husband - it made me laugh and hope it does him too.

Ruth said...

Pink is one of my fav colors too... These are beautiful pictures.

Linda said...

Lots of pink! Now I like pink a little but never wear it. For some reason though I keep spinning pink shaded yarn!

Yenta Mary said...

No wonder I like you -- I am the queen of the pink girly-girls!!! At least half my wardrobe is pink, I wear sparkles on my clothes and my nails and in my hair (for special occasions) ... I rather like to think I have a strong sense of whimsy!

Joanne said...

I love the paler shades of pink. There's something almost nostalgic about them, especially in photographic images. Happy Sunday to you ...

Lois Evensen said...

Lovely pinks and such delightful text. :) I'm a girly girl, too, but blue is my favorite. Perhaps that is because it is the color of the sea and the sky.

Happy Fathers Day weekend!

t does wool said...

oh...for the love of pink...
not too girlie...just perfectly pink,Erin.
the images...I adore...especially the mail box one ;)
and you are a total girl!

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

stopping by from SITS. What a beautiful post!

Genevieve Richer said...

Happy Sunday SITS sista! By far one of the best "image posts" I've seen to date! Bravo! Now a follower! =)

and flowers pick themselves said...

this is so great, erin! a real pleasure to read :)

xo Alison

Unknown said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

I have an award for you! You can find it here:

beth said...

well....when you put it this way....i love pink, too !

mostly i love the singer pink....oh swoon....her words are just magical !

See Me Everywhere said...

Oooh wow these finds are stunning! Thanks for sharing them


A MilShelb Mom said...

I love the color pink, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following yours now as well.

Sara said...

Wow I am definately intregged by your blog! I am for sure your newest follower and I too share the "don't appear to be a girly girl but definately have a passion for anything pink or girly!!

VeganCraftastic said...

So many pretty pinks, great post!

Estelle Hayes said...

Love your confession and I think it's fantastic that your bedroom has pink walls but your husband doesn't know it. Ha, ha! And I too, wanted to be Molly Ringwald when I grew up. It was borderline obsession.

Gigi said...

Thanks for coming by kludgymom today! Wow...your blog is just gorgeous. Do you take all of your own photography? Amazing! Look forward to reading more!

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