Friday, June 18, 2010

The Magic of Readeez

Will (my three-year-old computer geek) is sitting at the Dell eating Fiery Tortilla Chips (the boy likes anything savory or hot), downing the water, and watching Readeez clips on YouTube. Wait - you haven't heard of Readeez?! Well, you must!!! It is only the coolest reading tool to pop out of the blog-o-sphere since, well, I guess since ever!

Readeez was conceived by an uber-cool dad who wanted to find a way to teach his daughter, Isabelle, to read phonetic syllables. So he came up with these short, cool clips that remind me of the glory days of Sesame Street - you know, when Mr. Hooper was still alive and The Pointer Sisters sang "The Pinball Song" and Prairie Dawn sang songs about friendship that made my mom cry.

So I've included the three Readeez clips that get played the most in this household. They are loved by mommy, toddler, and the 12-year-old too cool for his britches boy. They are all under 2:30 minutes. You will thank yourself for watching them. Then you will head to YouTube and watch the rest of them, cuz they are that good.

Cool Sesame Street feel. And I think at this point, Will has watched this one 15 times tonight. Really. And I don't mind at all.

Catchy, can't get it out of your head song

The absolute favorite. Your one-year-old can sing it with you, as well as your 16-year-old. Will breaks out in this one at Wal-Mart All.The.Time!

Ten Little Isabels, Sandy Beach, Boomba Boom (the one with the Disoriented Zebra, which cracks Will up to no end), Love's Enough (mommy's favorite), and Tonight and Every Night (the one that makes the parents cry) are other faves. Oh, and Readeez has Bible and Math offerings, too.

So check it out, and I dare you not to become hooked!

p.s. happiness is a rockstar


Ruth said...

wow these are great! just dropped by to say hi!
and to wish you a blessed weekend!


how bout that cow is amazing. And it rhymes...i love it!SarahD:)

Claudia said...

This duck song is so funny ;=)

cheri said...

thanks for sharing. cant wait to try this with jackjack. thanks to youtube, he recently rediscovered little einsteins (we used to live at a place where there was cable TV ).

Unknown said...

I love this! Thanks for the tips!

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