Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Release the Child Within

Think about yourself as a child. What type of kid were you? Always running, jumping, laughing, making a game out of everything? Were you mellow, loved to read, inquisitive about the world? Perhaps you lived in a world of make-believe, where you were the princess or the Indian or the rock star. Maybe you were a bit of all of this, with a little goofy thrown in. Where did that child go? My guess is she lives somewhere inside of you right now.


When was the last time that you tried to use a hula hoop? That you spun around until you were dizzy? A child can take something like a parachute and thrill over standing under it all day long.


What happened to your inner goof? Your silly child within? Is she still there bursting to get out, or does she let herself shine?


Where's that kid that was going to be a superhero or a rock star? Where's the dreams and the wishes, the desires? What do you wish for now?


Children have unending wonder about the world around them. The joy of discovery is paramount. Have you ever seen your toddler's eyes when they learned how to stand or crawl - that overwhelming happiness? When was the last time you looked at the world with the wonder of a child? The world is an incredibly wonderful place to be.


Children can take any opportunity to play, imagine, find something new to accomplish, to make new friends, to Have Fun. The world is a playground that they are using in new ways every day. They haven't figured out yet that they aren't artists, private eyes, basketball stars, ballerinas. Not enough people have convinced them otherwise yet. They dream of being archaeologists and veterinarians in their free time. They haven't figured out that the world is a little too complicated and busy for that yet. They are unflappable dreamers. What are the dreams that you have given up on? Could these dreams, perhaps with a little prodding, still come true?


Take some time today to play with your kids. Don't take them to the playground and watch them slide, get on the slide with them. Let them lead the play, discover the world through their eyes. Have a tea party with your daughter, an unrushed, carve time out of your day for it tea party. Pretend you are the Queen or a Duchess. Play the way that your child plays. Not only will you discover more about your child's dreams and imagination, you may just release that child within who has been dying to get out.


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Anonymous said...

I so love this post, and the images you have chosen to go along with your words could not be more appropriate!!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us today!

Lois Evensen said...

Lovely thoughts and images. :)

Sey said...


Thanks for visiting my blog!

Wow, I miss my childhood days, playing in rain, laughing as if there's no tomorrow, no heartaches, problems not minded and playing all day!

Emily said...

I love what you said here. This morning I was at the doctor's office and three little one's caught my eye. Two little girls treating a (slightly younger) boy with shy sweetness when he came up to play. Their squeaky little voices already had me thinking about the innocence and beauty of childhood and then I came home and read your post!

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

such cute pictures!!! oh to be a kid again.... there is nothing wrong with being silly & child-like sometimes!!! :)

lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Finally following back from last Friday's blog hop. Sorry for taking so long!

Cassandra Frear said...

This is crucial for inner well-being. The woods do this to me. I connect with the little girl inside.

Roxanne said...

This made me so happy :) I act goofy plenty of the time and I conciously try to look at the world with wonder, but there are days when I feel so "adult". Thanks for reminding me to embrace my inner child :)

Team Chastain said...

This is such a great post! Being a grownup can be so exhausting...I love the idea of just letting the inner child come out and be a goofball for a bit.

See Me Everywhere said...

What an interesting post! Makes you think ay! I think I used to be way more risky when I was younger, I guess the lack of knowledge and responsibility at that age can be freeing in a way.

I miss those days, but I am happy with where I am going. It comes with finding a balance of who you wanted to be when you were that age and who you are growing up to be.


Unknown said...

This reminded me of all the things I use to do as a kid.. It's one of the reasons why I look forward to having kids someday, so I can teach them all the fun things that I did once!

Felissa Hadas said...

Stopping by to say hello with Welcome Wednesday. Hope you are having an amazing week! Would love to have you visit my blogs.

Felissa (Davinia & Indiana too)

Emily said...

What a great post! Great pic's also!

I am your newest follower!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Love this post - the images and concept. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

I love this post! This philosophy is great for our children and even better for ourselves!

CC said...

I;m visiting from Friday Follow... and I just loved this post. I've become a follower of your pretty blog..and thank you for your visit.

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