Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Love: Lazy Summer Days


::ice cream that melts faster than you can lick it
::cold, cold sangria


::swimming in the pond with the fish nibbling your toes
::drying on the dock, the sun warming your skin


::dining al fresco
::vases full of wild flowers


::picking daisies
::wearing flip flops at every possible moment


::picnics full of fresh strawberries and wine
::lying on the ground, picking out the shapes of the clouds


::blowing bubbles and catching them before they fall
::running through sprinklers


::putting dandelions under your friend's chin to see if they like butter
::Sunday drives that last for hours


::sand between your toes
::skin that smells like cocomuts and chlorine


::your own private place
::lying in beach chairs reading silly romances

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Lois Evensen said...

Lovely thoughts and images. :)

Jacqueline said...

A great post filled with summer fun!

Emily said...

I must agree, summer is really such a nice season because it just sort of allows us to take things slowly! I hope you had a lazy summer day today!

Joanne said...

I'll second all of these. The fish nibbling your feet reminds me of when we do water walks at the beach and the stripers swim back and forth right in front of us! Summer's great ...

Ruth said...

these are absolutely amazing ways to spend a summer... love the pictures!!


Teachinfourth said...

Well, not sure about reading the romance novels, but the rest sounds awesome...

Cassandra Frear said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments at the Moonboat. I feel your compassion and empathy, and it blesses me.

These summer images are lovely. I suppose everyone has their own personal list. Mine is changing now that my sons are men.

Manda said...

Ooooo.... I want my weekend to be FULL of all those things. It would be even more fabulous if your family could join up with mine.
Whoa-hoo that would be a party!


I love ice-cream that is half melted before you even taste it, sangria is my favourite summer drink and eating al fresco...yes please!:)Follow you.:)SarahD

SM said...

I can only dream about these while i am at work ! Weekend is not too far off :) Thanks for the pics

Claudia said...

I can almost smell the summer day! Wonderful words and beautifully underlined with this great pics. Like it VERY much!

~Rachel~ said...

After a crazy day I read this post and it calmed my mind down. Beautiful imagery...thank you!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Beautiful pictures! I love summer!

Estelle Hayes said...

Oh, that ice cream image is killing me. Looks too good.

Thanks for stopping by. I so appreciated your comment. Have a great weekend.


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