Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Love: The Revival of the Obsolete

Wow! What a title - but it really does say it all. I'm an introvert, sensitive person. As a general rule, folks like me have a difficult time with change. When I revisit a site from my childhood that has radically changed, it is almost like I've landed in a foreign country; I am confused, a bit anxious, and want my old, familiar surroundings back.


When CD players were introduced, my feeling of dread was palpable. I LOVE vinyl. I lived for my record players, the pops, the slight anomalies from one record to the next. I loved to feel them, put them on the record player, read the sleeves and paper in-sleeves. Then CDs had to come and wreck it.

Have you noticed how many style bloggers are writing about record players? Mostly the Crosley Stack-O-Matic (which I bought years ago when Restoration Hardware started carrying them), but also Fisher Price players, Wilcos, and all of them in great turquoise and salmon colors. Clearly I am not the only vinyl lover out there.


And typewriters. I will be the first to admit that word processing is infinitely more easy than type writing, but I miss the Clack, the Ka-Ching when the return button is hit, I even miss correction tape. I miss walking into a room at a business and hearing the cacophony of taps and zips that only a room full of typewriters can create.

And again, the stylistas are snatching them up! I don't know if they are actually using them, but there is something immensely stylish about a typewriter. Mostly I think they are being used as photo props; there is something romantic, though about the idea of sitting down and typing a letter or doing your daily writing at a typewriter.


Atari consoles are becoming collectors items, as are Commodore 64s, 1st generation Macs, and original Gameboys. I read a blog the other day about a site that is taking modern television shows and pixelating them into games with a distinct early Windows feel.

Is there something that you miss and wish would return? What are you happy to see again? Do you love The Most Interesting Man in the World as much as I do? Leave a comment!

Photos We Heart It

BTW - You may have noticed an absence of original photos. I CAN'T FIND MY CAMERA! I better do something about this before Creativity Boot Camp (which starts Sunday, all you creative types)! And I took the cutest pictures of Phillip the Hedgehog!


Emily said...

I miss old polaroid cameras. They were so much fun! All my childhood photos were polaroids! (And yes, I LOVE the most interesting man in the world!)

Katy said...

The pictures on your blog are gorgeous!!! I am visiting from Welcome Wednesday!
Check out my blog if you have a chance.

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Oh I believe I had a fisher price suitcase record player as a kid. I have some of my best memories with that thing...and the correction tape on typewriters...I almost forgot about that. I remember being mystified by it. Thanks for this post it was a blast to recall these things. Now I only wish I still had my old Gameboy.


Unknown said...

I miss polaroid cameras too and I love typewriters! When visiting my grandpa's office at the University I would just play on his typewriter for a good hour, writing random stuff.. I loved the noise it made and how you could "x" out a wrong letter.

Elizabeth said...

Blog follower from Welcome Wednesday! You can follow me at



Little Bishops said...

ATARI!!! :)

Following from Welcome Wednesday.

Bonnie said...

Ahhh yes, polaroid cameras. I actually just bought one and found some old film. So I'm very anxious to try it out! Looove the sound of an old typewriter. Old beat up trucks that you see wasting away out in a field... I'd love to bring one home with me just to sit in the seat with a cold glass of lemonade... I keep telling my husband one of these days he's gonna find an old truck sitting in our yard... just as happy as can be with flowers growing all around it. hahaha a girl can dream, right? :)

I hope you find your camera soon! I would probably die if I didn't have mine with me. :)



thursday said...

Oh no! Lost cameras are the worst!

I bought a vintage Fisher Price record player a while ago. I wrote a blog post about it (

I'm all for the revival of rotary phones! Love them!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I love vinyl. I miss the kshhhh kshhhh at the end of the side. I miss the pops and snaps from my old mix tapes, too. I love typewriters and polaroids and kitchen gadgets that work by hand. We don't have a microwave in our house and we use cast iron cookware. Those are small rebellions, but they feed my nostalgia need pretty well. I do have a friend searching for a record player for me when she yard sales. Fun fun!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting and following. I'm enjoying browsing your blog and I'm a follower now.


Teachinfourth said...

I used to have an Atari 800XL compter and 110 disk drive. My friend gave me hundreds of games and I still remember playing them and loving it.

Typewriters, though a pain back then, are classy now. I'd sure love to have an old one.

My 110 Kodak camera? I'll take digital, thank you very much...

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