Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here's to Good Etsy Days!

So, with this being the first day of September and it being back to posting as usual, I probably should be writing about something wonderfully deep and spiritual for my readers who have patiently waited through my August Break (which was wonderful, by the way). But I'm just having the best etsy day, I had to share my happiness!

Yesterday I wrote about my new note cards. I woke up this morning to see that I had sold two. Just overnight, just like that! I certainly wasn't expecting such a quick response!

Then I listed two of my pretty crocheted pillows that it seems I've been trying to get posted forever. The Pink Granny Crocheted Pillow and the Sunburst Granny Square Crocheted Pillow have been listed with more to come.



Last, but certainly not least (and so freakin' cool) is that Lulu Loves Gifts has listed my "Serving Lunch" photograph in her beautiful Food For Thought Etsy Treasury. Lulu wanted me to pass on to you that all Dropped Stitches readers who say they found her here will receive 20% off of her shop items. Her items are very nice, so check out her shop!


To celebrate (and cuz my birthday is coming up), I'm offering 20% off of all photos for all of my readers during the month of September. Just mention the discount and I'll give you your new price.

Promise it'll be back to usual tomorrow - going to do a "They Make Me Happy List" and am going to try to continue posting a photo a day. Hopefully I'll get a better camera for my birthday (if my mom can find a good deal!). I'm so happy to be writing again, I've missed it.


Emily said...

Congratulations Erin! I think they'll sell well, they're all so beautiful! I know which ones I want :)

Unknown said...


I love the creativity of the things you do on your blog. Thats why Im offering you award!

Have a great day!

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