Friday, September 3, 2010

They Make Me Happy

I know I promised this yesterday, but Roadrunner decided to stop working, so I am now sitting in Starbucks while my good guy Will plays with cars and eats a chocolate mini donut (which is about all I've been able to get down him today). Also, my husband took my camera and left it at his friend's house, so some of the great pictures that I had to share with you are not in my possession right now. Nevertheless, They Make Me Happy:


:: Brown-eyed Susans
:: Those perfect blue jeans - worn in, maybe a little thread worn, and make your butt look fantastic!
:: Old gnarled jade plants (have you ever seen one in full bloom?)


:: Will running full speed toward me for a hug
:: Seeing bloggy friends in "Artful Blogging"
:: Getting "that look" from the one you love - and your knees turning to Jell-o
:: Hummingbirds flitting about the Solomon's Seal


:: Unspoiled views that you just happen upon
:: Goldendoodles. I really want one.
:: Cranking up your favorite song on the car radio and singing really LOUD.

You can buy Emma's "muriel" here

:: The crochet of Emma Lamb
:: Woolly worms
:: The magic of tiaras



Unless otherwise noted, all photos property of Erin Wallace


Robin said...

Beautiful happy things! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Jen Price said...

Cool! I have a dream to be featured in Artful Blogging. Maybe one day...

Elizabeth {the Path Less Traveled} said...

oh, I love little ones running for hugs and kisses (my Emma just learned how to pucker up for kisses - melts my heart!) and catching my husband with "that look" in his eyes too ........ things like that make the days sooooo much better!

Char said...

oh...i love brown-eyed susans and tiaras.

happy weekend!

Claudia said...

erin - i love the pic where will is running towards you - enjoyed this when my kids were small and i would catch them and spin them around - so great!
have a lovely weekend!

and flowers pick themselves said...

that 2nd photo is so adorable.


xo Alison

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

I just adore the picture of Will running toward you- so great.

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