Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween bits


This is my first attempt at something different than a standard jack-o-lanturn. I looked at a vintage picture of the man in the moon, but really, it looks like a jack-o-lanturn. But a cool one.


Will picked out his own costume, he said he wanted to be a car driver. He's quite a sharp boy in his racing gear and all the neighbors thought that he was the man.


I'm not quite sure what Collin was going for here, but it's interesting. He swears he's not Michael Jackson.


I love this picture. Look at Will's face. I think it's at this house that he finally realized that people were giving him candy just for wearing a costume. And this woman is the sweetest. She and her husband walk a mile every day, and often they are holding hands. They've been married forever, and just look so happy and strong together. Gives us young married couples something to aspire to.


And this photo has nothing to do with Halloween, but I had to share. Foxy (named after Foxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers: Goldmember) is our calico that we rescued from the park. She was skeletal, dehydrated, and dying for some love. 4 years later, she's a spoiled house cat that loves to find unusual places to sleep. And when she finds these places, she stays there for up to two weeks. For the last few days, she's been perched on the top of a pile of towels in our bathroom 15 high. We are waiting for the pile to fall over, but so far, she's been crafty enough to stay in her chosen position. I just love her.


Laurie said...

LOVE the picture of Foxy - what a darling she is (and thank you for giving her such a good life).

Your pumpkin looks great! I've never been able to carve successfully.

I used to always think it was so cute to see old (and older) people holding I realize that my husband and I ARE those older people holding hands. EEK!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Look at your kiddos! I love seeing older couples holding hands, and sometimes (I won't lie) it makes me alittle teary eyed. I hope you guys had a great sugar night too!

Myrna R. said...

Sweet post Erin. Your children are adorable. Their costumes are so cute. I could tell that was not Michael Jackson...sure looks like him though.

Glad you had a fun scary night.

Rene said...

We have a married couple in our neighborhood - same thing. They walk holding hands every day. Love that.


Claudia said...

looks like you had a great time..and i like what you write about the forever married encouraging!

sara said...

The pumpkin is awesome and the costumes are adorable!

Oh, and I keep forgetting to tell you...I got some gray chucks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

Jessica Warrick said...

Your boys looked so cute for Halloween and i love the cat so cute.. Im just stopping by to let you know i have chosen you for a blog award you can get it at

Lois Evensen said...

Great images. Your Halloween was very special. Darling kids and kitty. :)

kneesandpaws said...

I love the way you captured your son's face as he looks at all that candy. We were in Ohio for Halloween this year. I must have driven past you on my way there and back!

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