Friday, October 29, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon

So I'm jumping on the Polyvore bandwagon and creating a look that is very me. It's full of fantasy items (doubt I'll ever get the Cartier Love Bracelet or spend $310 on a scarf), but it's fun to dream.

So all of you fashiony types, get thee to Polyvore and play! Release your inner fashion editor; you might just find yourself lost in Polyvore land!


Marnie said...

How nice is that!! I love your choices (they are very similar to mine...grin).

All the very best,
Marnie xo

Emily Joyce said...

I love Polyvore!!! It's so much fun :) I especially love the dreaming aspect too...$300 shoes? Yes please :)
I LOVE that top. Gorgeous. I agree, it is very you!

Michelle said...

I love what you've put together..!! Super cute!

ephemerette said...

Love this. Casual and elegant - good job!

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