Saturday, January 9, 2010

Faith Stone


My husband, who is well versed in my current faith dilemmas, gave me this stone. The picture shows it placed on my bed stand (it has a new place, though, since Will likes to take it and hide it. It's his thing. My phone is currently missing. And he turned off the sound.) Anyhow, I put it in my pocket every day and when I put my hand in my pocket, which I do a lot, I'm supposed to think about what faith means. I understand that it's "giving it all to God," "letting God be in the driver's seat," and all that, but I am so darn independent and bull-headed. Stubborn is another word that comes to mind. I want to be in control.

Oswald Chambers said, "I have to learn that the aim in life is God's, not mine. God is using me from his greatest personal standpoint, all he asks of me is that I trust Him, and never say - - Lord, this gives me such heart-ache . . . He simply asks me to have implicit faith in Himself and His goodness." Implicit faith. Get over the stubborn need for control. Easy enough, right?

So that's really it. Snuggled in after our huge snowstorm, keeping dry and warm (though the kids are not - they are getting as cold and wet as possible!).

And as a final note, this is my 99th post. For my hundredth, I'm going to give away some SUPER YUMMY yarn. Tell your friends! Let the yarnies know. To tempt you, I will tell you that silk and cashmere are involved. MMMmmmm!


Hullabaloo Homestead said...

Totally fin! And I'm so glad to have stumbbled back to here! I am quite intrigued by the silk and cashmere yarn. I will be back!!


Stacy said...

I like your faith stone. Carrying it in your pocket and touching it throughout the day is a powerful spiritual practice.

Can't wait to see the yarn you are giving away! Tomorrow I'm starting a four week sock class and I'm pretty excited about it.

Gynx said...

I like the idea of your faith stone and having a physical reminder of something spiritual.

I can't wait to see the yarn. Cashmere and silk?! Mmm.

katerina said...

Love the stone- and I think Faith is also knowing God has given you the gifts/talent and ability to make it through whatever life hands you, because you know he is right there with you. So go ahead and take control! ;)

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