Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Things

The crisis in Haiti is bringing out rare character in people. Christina of Soul Aperture is sending $1 to Doctors Without Borders for each blog that writes about The Simple Things in life. Write your post, comment on her blog, and participate in this worthy cause.

Simple Things


The beautiful blue of a robin's egg

An old chenille robe

The iridescence of a dragonflies wing

A fresh peach, just off of the tree

Fading Mail Pouch Tobacco signs on old barns

cmpbarns, photobucket

A house wren, small and plain, with the most brilliant song

A stand of wild tiger lilies

Peeling bark on a birch tree

eliahd24, photobucket

A fresh box of crayons

The contented purr of a cat

Hot apple pie

Red, white, and blue

A dog lying on its back, waiting to have its belly scratched

Mason jars full of flowers

erinfrichtl, photobucket

Warm towels

That patch of sun on the ground, and the cat lying in it

Origami swans

Children's laughter

A red door

cosmonaut1959, photobucket


Hullabaloo Homestead said...

The simple things in life are some of the best. What is it, really, about a fresh box of crayons....excitement of the unknown creativity to come? I love the smell....and oragami swans...full of grace and beauty. What a great list of simple things.


Jenn said...

What a lovely gesture. And a lovely list. So glad the Lace KAL is introducing me to so many amazing women...such as yourself. Happy knitting!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Hot apple pie, oh yes.

Cora said...

Enjoyed your list very much....I missed it during the time it was posted. I really love this one: "A house wren, small and plain, with the most brilliant song"...wrens are my fave!

Thanks for your visit!

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