Thursday, January 14, 2010

Super Yarn Give Away Winner!!!

Well, kids, I never thought I would have such a huge response to the yarn give away. But it's hard to pass up silk and cashmere, isn't it! So, Without Further Ado, the winner of the fantastic yarn is:

Mary LeMaster!!

Mary is a beginning knitter and really didn't specify what she would do with the yarn (just that I am her hero -awwww!). But a lot of people were looking forward to making shawls, scarves, and drapey sweaters. My favorite idea was from Pam who is getting married in May and would make delicate flower broaches for her bridesmaids with the yarn. Candi wanted to make matching clutches for a friend who is moving far away from her - that way they would always have that bond. Many people wanted to make something for the person who taught them to knit, which I think is so cool.


To pick the winner, I used the random number generator found on Andrew Hedges website. I don't have any cool pictures of me drawing names out of pretty straw hats. Although I could put some sort of pretty picture here, I suppose.

xxx_crash_xxx, photobucket

So Mary, I'll contact you to get you the yarn so you can get your knit on!


Olga said...

Hi Erin! Thank you for dropping by my blog and it was nice to read what you said - really, thanks!;). You have an interesting way of describing yourself on your blog - so subtly it gives a very interesting picture :)

Congrats to Mary by the way! ;)

Stacy said...

Darn, I was hoping it would be me. Congrats to Mary!

Hazel said...

Just found you on Ravelry. I am more of a stitching girl but occasionally knit too. Sorry I missed the giveaway. Nice to meet you. x

Maiden Jane said...

Lucky Mary!!!

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