Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Day

Well, I've had a wonderful spring day. Kendall, Will, and I went to Glacier Ridge Metro Park for some walking and playtime (and I didn't think I had my camera, so no pictures). It was a nice time; if you are in the area, it has a nice playground and a short trial which I'm sure will be much more impressive in the summer.

Then, to bribe the boy to leave, we went to Jeni's for some Splendid ice cream. Today, I had the Gooey Butter Cake (with these huge chunks of almost caramelized brown sugar - amazing!). Kendall tried the Brown Butter Almond Brittle. I am hard pressed to select a favorite, because everything there is so incredible!


They did this cute bunting made of brown paper bags in the window. The other side said "Bake Shop" in stenciled letters. A creative, economical way to dress up a window for a party, perhaps.


A few steps from Jeni's is my LYS, Temptations. It wasn't opened, but we wandered around and found a cozy little outside nook that was so photo-worthy, I had to take a few snaps.

The porch is decorated with huge mill ends of yarn - yes, they were tempting, but a little dirty!


Just to the right of this . . .


Is this pretty old door


Turn around and you'll see this fantastic bench . . .


by this ivy covered tree


Around a corner, and you are by the entrance and this well-loved bench


And this was waiting on the steps. A little piece of nature.


Hope your day was lovely!


goldenbird said...

Sounds like a fun day with your family! Love the worn wood of the benches. The yarn is interesting.

Erin said...

Beautiful photos, Erin! I'm an amateur needle-crafter dieing to learn to knit. I know the basic knit stitch, but my projects take on lives of their own and wind themselves into all kinds of ghoulish shapes. When I'm ready to take it on, I am so hitting you up for some help!


Erin Wallace said...

Erin - do you get excited like me when you find another Erin? Anyway, I'd love to help with your knitting; it's a wonderful thing to know how to knit. I learned at; it has wonderful videos that you can play again and again until you finally learn how to stitch correctly. Be sure to check it out! Then be prepared for total addiction to follow!

julochka said...

i wanna go somewhere that they have mill ends. my weaving ladies tell me it's possible to get some at some carpet factories not far from where we're moving. i'm DEFINITELY going to try that! so many uses for yarn!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Oh no! You have me wishing for Gooey Butter Cake! Lovely pictures as well : )
XO Katie

Camilla~ Bloom said...

That looks like areally wonderful way to spend the day..
Erin I couldn't find and email so in response to your question on the "yellow egg" I thought I would offer some suggestions.
Do you have enough light? If you are outside in flat light(shade) that is definitly going to help. I don't know what camera you are using...try upping the ISO(lets in more light)try not to use flash. Look at your camera settings,try using the flower,or portrait setting, it might let in more light also if you are using AV, M or other settings Email me on Bloom, Erin if you need more specific help.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

That sounds like a perfect day! Does it get any better than baked goods and yarn?


Rustic CHARM indeed Erin!
...and you certainly have a darling family~

Jane said...

Looks like a fantastic day! I love the little pleasures in our own backyard!

Joy said...

What a perfect way to welcome spring! And your pictures were just lovely!

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