Saturday, March 27, 2010

If I Were . . .

I originally read this list on joluchka's blog. I thought it was cool and wanted to give it a go.

Beauty in Everything

if I were a month, I'd be April

if I were a day, I'd be Wednesday

if I were a time of day, I'd be 8:00 p.m.

if I were a font, I'd be Book Antiqua

if I were a sea animal, I'd be a jellyfish


if I were a direction, I'd be northwest

if I were a piece of furniture I'd be a huge comfy chair

if I were a liquid, I'd be white grape peach juice

if I were a gemstone, I'd be amber with a mosquito in me

if I were a tree, I'd be a ginkgo

if I were a tool, I'd be a Swiss army knife

if I were a flower, I'd be knautia


if I were an element of weather, I'd be a soft breeze

if I were a musical instrument, I'd be a piano

if I were a color, I'd be celedon

if I were an emotion, I'd be motherly love

if I were a fruit, I'd be a peach


if I were a sound, I'd be a whisper

if I were an element, I'd be carbon

if I were a car, I'd be a Mercury "Woody" Station Wagon

if I were a food, I'd be egg noodles

if I were a place, I'd be Athens, OH

if I were a material, I'd be cotton


if I were a taste, I'd be brown butter

if I were a scent, I'd be lavender

if I were a body part, I'd be a brain

if I were a song, I'd be "April In Paris" by Erroll Garner

if I were a bird, I'd be a robin


if I were a gift, I'd be knitted

if I were a a city, I'd be Chicago

if I were a door, I'd be red

if I were a pair of shoes, I'd be cheetah ballet flats

if I were a poem, I'd be "Hope is a Thing with Feathers" by Emily Dickenson

This was an interesting exercise. I had to ponder a few of them, but most just came to me. What is your "if" list? I'd love to find out!


Char said...

thank you for visiting today - i loved reading your answers. celdon - that is one of the most beautiful colors. and emily dickinson. yes. and i love cotton too.

i see a bit of whimsy, practicality and passion all wrapped up in the answers.

goldenbird said...

That was beautiful! I like that you are a peach, a robin, and motherly love. I need to think about that for a while ... mull it over. I might post that on my blog, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Cora said...

Fun fun...leaves me thinking about my answers. A beautiful exercise of thought. I adore many of yours.

Caroline said...

Such a great list! Chicago yes! My former hometown but still in my heart. Such a lovely blog you glad to have found you.

julochka said...

i love the amber with a mosquito, i wish i'd thought of that! :-)

and i think your soft breeze is much nicer than my hurricane. :-)

it's been lots of fun reading everyone's take on this. i found it was a deeper exercise than i at first thought.

Lunch in Paris said...

This is such a wonderful idea. It was great to read your answers - like getting to know someone from looking at their bookshelves! If I were I month, I'd be October - in New England!

Kathy said...

I love this idea! I have mine written up in draft form... when I post it I'll send a note your way :)

I found you through ravelry... I', kathykoo

Kathy said...

I have done it! It is posted - thanks so much for the inspiration. Your blog is a new favourite.

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