Saturday, March 20, 2010

In The Bag

I though I'd give you a look inside my knitting (which is temporarily my crochet) bag.

I have decided to crochet a blanket, as it is National Crochet Month. The yarn is Lion Brand and Cookies and Cream cotton. I've found that Cookies and Cream splints quite easily, especially when subjected to a crochet hook, but it is inexpensive, soft, and comes in some really great colors. The blanket is being done in a double crochet stitch with random striping throughout. The varigated cream/blue and solid cream will be the predominate colors (done in 5 to 7 row stripes), as this is what I have the most of. The other yarns will be stitches as one or two row stripes. What you end up with is similar to the cotton blankets that you can buy at the linen store, but with cooler colors and stripes. Will post some photos as it gets a little bigger.

Also in my bag are a blue pouch that holds tapestry needles, a tape measure, more hooks, stitch markers, a small pair of scissors, a pen and pencil, and whatever paraphanalia that I think I need. The grenn book is a graph paper pad which I use to sketch designs and come up with cable patterns. Behind it is a copy Interweave Knitting Accessories 2009, which I happen to be perusing at the moment. On the bottom you'll find a ruler (for figuring yarn weights) and a pair of Susan Bates 7mm aluminum needles. I think I have a small skein of waste yarn in there, too.

So that what I've got in the bag! What are the essentials that you carry with you? So you have a special bag? I'd love to know!


goldenbird said...

I love that Cookie & Cream yarn. It's my favorite for knitting wash cloths. Looking forward to seeing your blanket.

I recently bought a small, clear plastic storage box for holding my knitting supplies because I was constantly misplacing my pouch. It's nice and roomy, and a lot harder to lose.

Sean said...

Very nice site Erin. I'm impressed. Did you put this together yourself?

your cousin Sean

Erin Wallace said...

Hey Sean! Yes, I did it all by myself. Thanks for stopping by - did my mom bribe you to visit the site? Kidding! Thanks for visiting, though I think knitting sites might not really be your thing . . . :-)

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I keep each of my knitting projects in separate muslin project bags:

I love these little bags. Each one typically contains yarn in use and needles--that's it. I'm using a pattern for a sweater I'm knitting, so that bag has a pattern too. If I am going away for a weekend or longer I will also carry a tape measure, tapestry needle, scissors, and an extra pair of needles (maybe 2) in case I want to start a new project while I'm away from home.

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