Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovely British Bits

Whilst surfing, I found these lovely scarfs by Powder. Yes, I know that we can knit, but isn't it nice to occasionally buy something beautiful?

Twist in fuchsia and coral - 40 pounds

Sienna in fuchsia - 20 pounds

(and yes, there are many other colorways to choose from - I just like pink!)

And while you're at it, stop by this site for beautiful home accessories. I will take one of everything, please.

Want to know how much you are spending? The XE Currency Converter can do just that.

I am currently cleaning and painting my mom's new condo, so posts may be a bit sporadic. But I love to paint (there's nothing like a freshly painted wall to spruce up a place) so I couldn't turn down the opportunity!


The Crane Family said...

Are we related? I thought I was the only one that treasured a freshly painted wall... (and don't mind doing the work myself :)

Cora said...

I like the pink to! I'll take #2 please! You can just knit me one up right quick! hahaha
They are lovely.
I agree about the paint sprucing a room up! Oh yes

Sharon said...

Cool scarves. I agree, sometimes it's nice to break from knitting and just buy a scarf. Love these two fuchsia ones.

Kate said...

I love that first scarf! It looks like it would just take over your face- in the most glamorous way possible, of course!

Karen said...

Lovely pinks! What a good daughter you are. Hope your mom loves the result!

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