Saturday, March 13, 2010

Skating Saturday


My daughter was in another skating competition today. She placed first in her interpretive class (where you hear the music once and then have to skate a program to it). She did a great job. She also skated to "Thriller," "Flashdance," and did jump and twirl team. Unfortunately, William decided to have a complete melt down right before her last three programs and I had to leave. We woke up at 6:00 and by 1:00 pm he was done.

Sometimes I feel like an inadequate mom. Well, more than sometimes; there is so much to get done! Kendall needed me. Will did, too. Do you ever wish that you could split into two or three people? I could definitely get the house much cleaner that way, and paint my mom's house and make it to every competition, game, birthday party, etc, even though I have a screaming three year old.

Blech. So that's all for now. Have to tend to Mr. Three-Year-Old.


Photos from We Heart It.


Elizabeth said...

I'm loving the pictures you're posting :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your daughter! And thank you so much for the wonderful words over on my blog. : )

Jane said...

I think that would really be neat to see interpretive skate. Congrats to your daughter! I think it's a sad part of motherhood that we always feel like we have not done enough. Somehow we need to lay our heads on our pillows at night and convince ourselves of the opposite. Not easy, I know!

Mary LeMaster said...

Ahhhh Erin Dont be so hard on yourself!!! I struggle with those things too!!! My 6 year old travels all over Ohio and surrounding state for his Motto Cross And because of Gages age I just cant be there all the time!! Will and Gage will both soon be at the age where we will be able to do much more with them with out having to stop for hours mid day for them to re vamp!! All in due time

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