Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playtime & The Rule of Thirds

Will and I went to the park to play today. He was thrilled to get out. I'd just studied up on The Rule of Thirds for a photography assignment on perspective, and I used my time with Will to experiment.


I love this picture of my little nugget. And it follows the rule of thirds. If you imagine a vertical line dividing William in half, you've got one of the alignments that fits the rule. But he's a big silly heart breaker whatever rule you follow!


He loves to swing. The ground beneath the swings was quite soggy and muddy; the things we will do for our loves.




And he's getting ready to drive - watch out ladies!



On to the slides!


We checked out a tree that had been cut down.


Then, after much more climbing, sliding, jumping, laughing, and various adventures around the park, the boy got tuckered and and sat down right where he stood.

It was a good day.


Bárbara said...

He was tired :)

Thank you so much for your nice comment.

Your boy is so handsome, how old is he?

Erin Wallace said...

He just turned three in February. He's a really good, sweet, but stubborn boy!

erin w. said...

It is so great to be outside right now. Looks like the swing was a favorite thing to do today.

Emily said...

I think you have that rule of thirds down! Love the shots of your little man. What a sweetie!

Mary LeMaster said...

Love all the pics of Will. Too cute. Looks like lots of fun!!Enjoy the weather today also!!

Anonymous said...

these photos are adorable!

xo Alison

Relyn said...

Glad to learn about the rule of thirds. I have so much to learn about photography.

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