Friday, March 12, 2010

More Bloggy Goodness

292 posts! That's what I had to catch up on just from missing 2 days on my Google Reader! There are so many good blogs out there; here's a few that I love.


Meet Me At Mikes, a lovely, crafty site by Pip.


Bloom, which everyone loves. Camilla also publishes Montana Mornings with her friend, Sarah, and she's hosting a photo workshop that is FREE! I'm all in and so excited!

Gabrielle of Design Mom and Michelle of Pretty Mommy will keep you looking fashionable. Gabrielle also does posts on birth stories; she is currently expecting.

For the Francophile in you there is Paris Breakfasts and Lunch in Paris.


There are some absolutely beautiful Scandinavian blogs (two of which I can't read but are beautiful to look at). You must read Emmelines Blogg, Kay Loves Vintage, Cloudberry Knit, Ulrika Kullenburg, and mi-rachel.


And finally, for now, I want to mention a newish blog that is short, sweet, and looks at life's moments of Every Day Joy. She doesn't have a huge readership. Drop by and leave her a comment. You'll make her day!

I haven't really even mentioned all of the yarn blogs that I read (they are listed in my blog roll). You can't go wrong with any one of them.


All of these great pictures came up on We Heart It when I typed in "blog."


Roxanne said...

Just what I need more fabulous blogs :P I think yours is pretty grand myself. Happy weekend!

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Hi Erin,
-If I am Sarah's mom....then I am a lot older than I thought I was...also I never knew I had another daughter- I have enough kids!...LOL.

Sarah and I are best firends Erin, we live across the road from each other...
Good one!

I am glad you signed up for the workshop, should be really fun. Have a great weekend.

Erin Wallace said...

Zoinks! I'll fix the boo boo, Camilla! And thanks, Roxanne - yours is superb, too!

Pretty Mommy said...

Thanks Erin!! Can't wait to check out these other yours too!!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I agree, so much good fun, but it all stacks up so quickly.

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